FYI: From Chinese Personas to Instagram Stories

5 (+bonus) links to make you browser-happy – How to design transit maps? How does AirBnB look in Chinese? What’s new on FB? How can you choose a mockup tool? Why is Yahoo! worth $5B and, well, Snapchat.


#HookedOnProduct: LookAt

#HOP is about products that make our work and lives better. They are cleverly designed, exceptionally well-planned, and quite simply hit the spot. This month, we #HOP onto LookAt - a video collaboration tool that brings elegance and ease to one of the most frustrating parts of motion-design processes.

Aviran Revach

4 UX Books to Get You Started

We often get asked “What is UX, anyway? How do I go about designing user experience?” These questions appear from all sorts of directions – from a student making first steps in the field, to a product team trying to understand how to incorporate UX thinking into their project. For any and all who are interested to enter the world [...]