17 Chrome Extensions to Hack Your Work Experience (Part Two)

Remember us? In part one, we brought you 14 chrome extensions to make your work day less frustrating, more pleasant, and all around more productive. In part two, Pumika Blog brings you a second round of extensions to improve and streamline your UX and design work. This time we present tools to help with QA for development work, responsiveness, work mail hacks, clients, and work day management. Talk to Us: Emails, Clients, And English Outside of the realm of UX specific extensions, there is an array of addons that help the process of work with clients, emails, planning, and productivity […]


14 Chrome Extensions to Hack Your Work Experience

Who amongst us doesn’t know that moment of pure joy when you discover a brand new, life-hacking Chrome extension that seems to have been invented just to save you time, bring you inspiration, or improve the quality of your work. In this post (part one of two) we bring you some of our favorite extensions for UX designers, planners, [...]


User Experience Maps: A brand new point of view

We’ve all been there: You’re a few weeks into a project, you’re presenting your new UX design to the bosses, and suddenly someone raises an important-yet-previously-overlooked-until-now issue. The floodgates open. It becomes clear that this issue is critical, and requires a substantial overhaul of the entire design. You’re not quite back [...]