Poker Heat Wins Facebook’s 2016 “Best Web Game” award.


Poker Heat, designed for the social media gaming giant Playtika, was announced by Facebook to be number one on the list of official Best Games of 2016.

Each year, Facebook grants the award, given to the most groundbreaking and successful games of the year, based on excellence in game design, innovation, game development, and virality. This year’s winners include Poker Heat alongside  Pokemon Go and Clash Royale,  who join the list of other exemplary and groundbreaking winning games from past years, like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Star Wars, and many other innovative and popular games.


Poker Heat is a social league game which redefines the way online poker is played. The newest stage in the evolution of the Texas Hold’em, Poker Heat adds onto the classic game layers of gameplay and experience. At the heart of the new game is an exciting social league of players from around the world. Throughout the game the player moves through seven different stadiums, climbing from newbie through to global professional player status.


screenshot_4On Poker Heat, you’ll start off a Newbie, climb through the league to Hold’em glory

Pumika was hired by Playtika to work on all aspects of the game. From cracking the right UX for mobile to creating experiential interfaces through game development, not to mention some pretty fresh animation and motion design, we brought a genre-innovating brand to the game. The brand, just like the game world it occupies, takes inspiration from thrilling global sporting venues flashy media events, and all of the excitement and energy from a shared gaming experience.

To read Facebook’s official announcement:

To download Poker Heat:  Facebook Game  // Android // iOS

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  • Alan Arnold

    I’m just curious which one of you “developers” overlooked something so basic like poker hands. How is it possible that everyone of you didn’t notice the royal flush says straight flush. Real quality work, you should be so proud. Game of the year skills for sure.