Uncovering the raw truth about startups


The Challenge: To surprise and delight our friends, clients, and partners for the new year, 2018-style

The Insight: Tech life is complicated. You need a good guide to help navigate and rule the ux ui design industry, but it’s so hard to find that desired source that tells you how it REALLY is.

The Solution: To create an in-your-face books library that tells the (sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying) truth about how to survive, master and conquer startup life. Complete with something for everyone, from the savvy-tech-entrepreneur to the battle-fatigued-PM’s – we’ve got you covered.

Happy reading, friends! 

Wondering how we did it?

Obviously, the design-elves were integral


The box may be cool, but try to think outside of it


Filled with magic and joy (i.e. chocolates and booze)


Shipped around the world to our beloved clients, friends, and partners
…To start off a game-changing year of disruption for all

Happy 2018!

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