Pumika Joins Soluto!


We are excited to announce that beginning in January 2019, Pumika will join Soluto – the leading product company from Asurion group.

Pumika team will join Soluto teams, and together we’ll continue to create exceptional products and experiences, that will help hundreds of millions of users world-wide to use and enjoy technology to its fullest potential in their everyday life.

We’re very excited about this unique move – the first of its kind in israel – of a large UX agency that joins a leading product company.
The founders of Pumika, the CEO Aviran Revach, and VP Strategy Shahaf Bornstein, will join Soluto’s development center this week. Aviran as the Head of UX and Design, and Shahaf as the Director of Product Experience & Research. In addition to Aviran and Shahaf, core team of Pumika’s UX designers and UX architects will join soluto’s UX and Research teams.

** We’ll update this blog-post soon with more details  **

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