Uncovering the raw truth about startups

The Challenge: To surprise and delight our friends, clients, and partners for the new year, 2018-style The Insight: Tech life is complicated. You need a good guide to help navigate and rule the ux ui design industry, but it’s so hard to find that desired source that tells you how it REALLY is. The Solution: To create an [...]


Write the book: Happy 2018 from Pumika!

2018 is here.  It’s going to be a crazy ride. We hope that this year brings you to new horizons, new levels of creation and disruption, and new opportunities to shake up your industry. 2018 is here, and it’s time to rewrite the book and make this year truly awesome! So, what are you waiting for? Start celebrating!     Pumika- [...]


Hit Play, It’s The High Holidays!

This year, instead of a gefilte cartoon, a honey-jar flying through the air, or a giftwrapped apple, we made it a point to make sure you make it through to November relatively sane, by hooking you up with the right music for any holiday contingency.  So, for this holiday season, Pumika presents A playlist for every Tishrey mood.   Click [...]


14 Chrome Extensions to Hack Your Work Experience

Who amongst us doesn’t know that moment of pure joy when you discover a brand new, life-hacking Chrome extension that seems to have been invented just to save you time, bring you inspiration, or improve the quality of your work. In this post (part one of two) we bring you some of our favorite extensions for UX designers, planners, [...]