User Experience Maps: A brand new point of view

We’ve all been there: You’re a few weeks into a project, you’re presenting your new UX design to the bosses, and suddenly someone raises an important-yet-previously-overlooked-until-now issue. The floodgates open. It becomes clear that this issue is critical, and requires a substantial overhaul of the entire design. You’re not quite back [...]


The Rise of the Bots

Over the past few months the world of digital products and UX has been buzzing with bots. Silicon Valley’s biggest and brightest have been busy implementing new bot technology, and the era of the bot seems to be just beginning. So, we set out to ask the tough questions: Does every product need its own personalized bot?

Shahaf Bornstein

Blossom: UXing Knowledge & Learning

Blossom is an end-to-end organizational management system that helps managers, HR professionals and administrative staff manage organizational resources, training and personnel seamlessly in one place. Pumika met Blossom when it was already an advanced, robust system with multiple layers and modules. We quickly realized that the [...]