Event Snapshot: Google I/O

The Keynote event at Google I/O showed that google has made quite a leap in a number of hot-buttoned technological fronts. We were especially impressed by four of the announcements.


Virtual Reality for *virtually* everyone.

Google Daydream takes Virtual Reality one step towards that happy day when it will be a tech for the masses. The android software update will allow include an integral VR layer, native to most top tier android-operated smartphones. Google also threw in an additional cherry on top – a new set of VR glasses, attractively mid range priced (which makes them considerably cheaper than the Facebook VR heavy-hitter, Oculus Rift). By releasing Daydream, Google is basically calling all product people who are on the fence about adding VR elements to their UX to get on board quickly, because it’s a hell of a ride. So, get on board people. Google says so.




Achievement Unlocked: Next Level PA


Google Assistant, the voice operated Google search, is extending its reach beyond explicit and direct question-answering, to include follow-up questions and complex inter-textual references. If anyone’s still dubious about the validity of the current Conversational Computing trend, it’s time to get over the doubt. Google Assistant is integrated in a variety of products in the Google family, including Allo – a new, smart, messaging app to rival Facebook Messenger by integrating Bots and AI into the Google world.



Your Home Just Got a Higher SAT Score. Thanks, Google!

The Chromecast team presented an initial version of Google Home. This is essentially a voice operated sensor, which follows you around your house. Much like Amazon’s Edge, it is a elegantly designer WiFi based speaker. This new addition to the Google product line, naturally and seamlessly brings Google into your home environment, and enables two-directional communication with the Google Assistant, beginning with timer and reminder setup, through to managing your smart home system.


App Install Requirement – Crisis Averted

This one is a biggie for Mobile PMs – Google Instant Apps basically removes the major industry setback – the installation requirement of apps. Now available for Dev teams, this technology automatically installs app-elements that integrate in the “regular” Mobile ux design experience, thus negating the need for an install. Imagine you could go one on your chrome app, and seamlessly experience the same UX as the Amazon app without having to specifically install it. According to the praise Google was hailing at the I/O, converting an app into an Instant App should be very easy (less than a day’s work), which obviously seals the deal in a more harmonious tone.


The time to think how to integrate all of this Awesomeness is, well, now. For a less abbreviated version of the Keynote, but byte-sized nonetheless, watch this video:

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