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FYI - Once every two weeks, Pumika cooks up a treat - 5 links that compile everything new, exciting and interesting in design, tech, UX and product management.


Product Management
1: Where do Product Managers Come From?

Product managers are an elusive creature – from our experience, they arrive at becoming a product manager from a variety of professional paths, so that no PM is identical to another. This article deals with the question of how do people become product managers, by laying out an analysis of over 1000 product managers’ LinkedIn profiles. Beyond the interesting data about the incredibly varied professional and academic path to the product manager position, it seems that no one really dreams about being a PM when they grow up. All in all, we think that’s part of the fun.

To read the full article.

Recommended App
2: Sepia, Out. Prisma Reinvents Filters

Prisma could be just one more app that creates filters that process, illustrate or stylize your photo for Instagram. Once you’ve used it for  30 seconds of usage, it’s pretty clear that Prisma is a different case. Prisma’s filters put Instagram’s scorched edges to shame, and produce a surprisingly high quality of processed images, whether you’re in the mood for a Mondrian-like filter, an ink sketch, or an Art-Deco style illustration. It’s a riveting class in how to stand out in a saturated market. We can’t wait for the video edition. 

Download for iOS (currently unavailable for Android)


Three examples to what Prisma can do, left to right, the Dreams, Mosaic, and Candy filters.

New & Exciting
3: Pokémon Go: (Carefully) Catch ‘em all!

Augmented Reality isn’t all that new, but the combination between the quality of execution (the company behind the game was a Google internal startup that was released in 2015), and an excellent implementation of the Hook Model  (which obviously includes the use of a strong, nostalgic and relevant brand), took the hype through the stratosphere. Aside from the masses rushing to the App Store (we’re talking 5% of all Android based phones, and a launch that was stagnated due to incredible overload on the servers), and the major spike in the Nintendo stock  – people have managed to get injured, complain about leg pain, find dead bodies instead of Pikachu, search and find Pokémons in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and in Auschwitz, and some entrepreneurial crooks actually rose to the occasion and used the game to lure people into armed robbery. All in all, pretty chill.

So, if you manage to get the app, go look for some Pokemons in this link. 

UX & Design
4: A Backstage Pass to Adwords’ New Look

Google’s titan of an advertising system, Google Adwords, which is the core of the company’s income, is undergoing a very impressive redesign. In this fascinating post, Pandar Yosefi,  UX Planner for Google, breaks down the process of pinning down the current Interface Design and creating the design framework, the various screens, and the feedback they all received along the way. We especially liked his mellow aesthetic militarism against ugly banners, and his determination to create a system efficient and simple enough to make sure we have as few ugly banners as possible on our browsers.

Read the full post here


The new ‘summary’ tab, which is a breather from the current tabulated design


5: Material, Movement, Text: Experimental Typography

Mario De Mayer is a Belgian typograph, whose trademark is experimental typography, which endows the text with 3D elements, combined with many patterns, textures and hand lettering. The final outcome is highly processed, materialized, very graphic work. De Mayer created a poster for Adobe for the Cannes Lions, and was commissioned to do work for a variety of clients, among which you can find Bloomberg, AIGA and Fortune Magazine.

Click here to browse De Mayer’s work – DM2 Graphics.

De Maier

Good Name Is Better Than Silver & Gold (Source: DM2 Graphic)

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