FYI: Complex Flows, AI, Endless Scrolling and Branding


This week in FYI – we bring you the infinite scroll, followed by a stop in Westworld, a look at the psychology of Ikea products, some new lexicon by Google, and so much more! Happy reading, friends

1:  The Road to Infinity

The long, or infinite, scroll is a ux design trend popping up around the internet. Inspired by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, infinite scrolling has been growing in popularity, as the information and content on the internet increase exponentially.  We bring you our favorite article (so far) that presents what let’s face it could be a very dry subject and makes it interesting.

Just Keep Scrolling! How To Design Lengthy, Lengthy Pages

2:  Are you ready to buy a ticket to Westworld?

As AR and VR become more commonplace, and graphics become hyper-realistic, we have to ask ourselves, what are the repercussions of all of this advancement on the human psychology. What happens when violent, immersive video games start to feel realer than life? This article delves into the morality and psychological effects that recent gaming advancements can and will have on us as a society and as individuals.

Truly Intelligent Enemies Could Change the Face of Gaming

3:  I build therefore I love

The IKEA effect is the idea that users will like products that they help to assemble more than the equivalent product that they simply purchase already completed. This piece explores the intricacies of finding the “sweet spot” where a minimal amount of user effort and input pays off with a perceived “contribution” that is high.

Design Principle: IKEA Effect

Ikea Effect

4:  Immerse yourself

At the google I/O conference, Google repeatedly used a new phrase they are trying to introduce into the tech lexicon (as they reportedly did in the past with the advent of “the internet of things”). The new phrase? “Immersive computing.” What does that mean? Well, it’s a bit abstract, but basically immersive computing is the extent to which a product immerses you in a tactile virtual world.

Google Has A New Favorite Phrase — Here’s What It Means

5: One Thing At a Time

Having trouble with user’s not completing tasks on your site?This article proposes reorganizing complicated user flow-tasks by putting simple single actions per site page, for instance in during checkout to buy a product. With an interesting case study (two actually), the author breaks down how, and why, to use this method in your next design project.

Better Form Design: One Thing Per Page (Case Study)

One page at a time

6: How can you differentiate your product in a sea of competition?

This article explores the importance of branding in today’s digital climate; a climate that is swimming in a plethora of companies that fill the exact same market. The author uses the multitude of seemingly identical food ordering apps that are available in Berlin as a case study of how important brand differentiation is, particularly in an oversaturated market.

When everything’s the same, it’s the brand that makes the difference

brand differntiation

















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