FYI: Beats, tricks, and getting your “eyebrows” on fleek


This week’s FYI is packed full of gorgeous creativity and inspired storytelling to get you motivated and keep you updated. We’re excited to present “One Last Beat,” an interactive website that makes us think about deep things like our own mortality, how to give our lives meaning, and alternative uses for traffic cones. We then bring you a thought-provoking look at “Dark Patterns,” the digital phenomenon where website elements and flows are intentionally designed to trick users. We close this week’s edition with some tips on eyebrow headlines, a walk down memory lane with the museum of websites, and of course an essential shot of pop culture with our all-time favorite Apple ad. Happy reading friends!

1: One. Last. Beat.

An amazing, engaging piece of art made by a developer with a clear eye for design, and a knack for storytelling. Be sure to check out the in-depth “About” section where the author breaks down exactly how he made the website. Follow the link, and enjoy the ride.

See how far you can get in the story >>>

One last beat


2: Amazon’s Dark Trick

The internet’s most thoughtful video blogger is back to teach us about dark patterns through the lens of how Amazon employs them to prevent users from deleting their accounts (and yes the struggle is real). With snappy examples, and a surprisingly optimistic ending, this is a critical video for everyone who wants to know how to be a conscious and vigilant tech user.

Find out how to see, and avoid, these “dark” flows >>>


3: Get Your Headlines On Fleek

Struggling to incorporate long headlines in your designs? We’re here to help with a great piece that breaks down “eyebrow headlines” and outlines how they can help you to increase readability, improve usability, and get your website looking fresh AF.

Take your headlines to the next level with this great design hack >>>

How you can aid user scanning by using eyebrow headlines

Eyebrow Headlines

4: Swipe, Tap, and Dance

So, Apple, took UI, digital gestures, and a splash of design, and formed a gorgeous piece of art. It’s been around for a while, but we’re still speechless, and I promise you will be too. Well played, Apple, well played.

Enjoy the intricate interaction of color, energy, and music >>>

5: Nostalgia for the World Wide Web

UX and the conventions of digital products have come unbelievably far since the internet burst into our lives a few decades ago. The Museum of Websites is a collection that shows us the development and evolution of influential products over the years. The article does double duty, both providing us with a snapshot of the evolution of the industry, as well as give us a nice big dose of nostalgia (just wait for the original version of Netflix).

Take a walk down digital memory lane >>>

Museum of Websites

Museum of Websites

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