FYI: Natural and Unnatural UX


This week’s FYI is chock-full of interesting reads including an astounding video and article about how biology affects human-made design. In addition, we’ve rounded up some must-read pieces about product development and UX design, as well as an article that outlines what we can learn from the apps being developed and used in China. Finally, enjoy an old favorite, a delightful website dedicated entirely to dada.

Happy reading, friends!

1: What does China get that we don’t…?

Much like Darwin deciphering evolution from his study of isolated ecosystems in the Galapagos, UX experts can learn a lot from the apps being developed in the isolated microcosm of China’s innovative tech scene. This article explores the unconscious needs and desires these apps exploit.  These conclusions, in turn, help us to better understand our users, sometimes even better than they might know themselves.

Top Chinese Apps and What They Tell Us About our Humanity >>>



2: Long live the MAP

This piece explores the work-model-goal of an MVP, and asks, does anyone win here? Perhaps we’ve been doing it wrong all along, and PM’s and CEO’s should reframe their initial product goals to encompass something a bit harder to obtain, but more valuable for users and the brands in the end.

The MVP is Dead, Long live the Minimum Awesome Product >>>



3: Essential Dashboard Accessories 

A deep dive into the critical steps to build a functional dashboard that caters to the needs of your users. The author incorporates great examples and advice. Critical reading for all UXers and project managers.

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4: The call of the wild

A fun and fascinating video about the influence of the natural world on design. Make sure to check out both the video and the author’s insightful analysis of this Vox classic.

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5: DADA forever

An oldie, but a favorite. Immerse yourselves in the strange and wonderful digital world of Dada. With this site, every scroll and click leads to delightful and surprising results and it is definitely worth a browse or revisit if you’re an old fan like us 😉

Your ultimate guide to the wonder of Dada >>>


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