Vidisco: Explosive UX for a Portable X-Ray System


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Vidisco Ltd. is a global leader in the field of security related digital imaging systems, with cutting edge technologies, employed by governments and law enforcement agencies across the world. Vidisco approached Pumika in order to create a new experience for their flagship product – the NDT System.




The final product – the NDT System with the newly designed UI. 


This product’s usage schemes are varied and usual. It is used by SWAT teams, for danger detection in high stakes situations, explosive defusion teams use it for assessment and detection in cases of potential mass casualty events, and armies use it for high intensity battle, when on-field x-ray capabilities are required under fire. We concluded that that the NDT system needed to be simple to operate in extremely challenging conditions, under cognitive and physical constraints – without sacrificing its precision or technological superiority.

The user research and analysis we conducted indicated that the screens must be simplified, without losing its functionality. We set forth with an experience design that is all about clean, modern, intuitive UI, easing cognitive loads, circumvents user errors and focuses the user onto critical steps in the usage process.



Demonstrated UI operation for image procurement, including exposure configuration. 


We published a case-study page for this project on our website, where we share our ux work process process and give you a peek at the final product – a system which raised its industry’s UX standards to new heights.


Click here to read the full case study on

security system in use

The NDT system in military operational use

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